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The Full Finca 18 Story

The history of Finca 18 is more than any typical story that tells the how, when, where or why something was started, this unique place called "the ranch" for those who love it involves a historical and intriguing legend of a buried treasure.


Legend has it that there under the palm tree (a certain palm tree) lies a buried treasure, and the fact is that in the past when there was not even a road connecting to Vallarta, all the way through the ranch was a royal road.


One day some criminals were coming down and fleeing in a hurry from up the mountains through the Cuale Mining company, with a cargo full of money, obviously they had stolen it and the soldiers were on their heels. It is said that on their way through what today is the farm the criminals left their loot buried.

Doña Trini can tell you the story, an elderly lady of little hearing and mother of the patron saint of the place.


Today Finca 18 is a place that was built more than 25 years ago, it has the dreams of its founder, and the work and effort of his family is what keeps this beautiful place as white as its harmony and essence.

A small mausoleum with the remains of its founder are the witness of the growth and effort of the farm, with a treasure in the ground, and the remains of its initiator, is that the ranch is a blessed land, and is that the land is fertile, is good and noble, put a seed of whatever and in that land will bloom for sure.

Finca 18 was also a restaurant that brought joy and served as a meeting place for Vallarta's families for more than 8 years, today it is a beautiful artisan factory of agave distillates, in a modern rustic style. Finca 18 receives visitors from all over the world, today it is committed to the mysticism of the agave world, and it is also dedicated to serve as a stage for multiple events.

Sophisticated, elegant and unique, come and visit its more than 5 hectares of pure nature, magic and peace, multiple birds visit us and sing to us every morning, thanking us for having this beautiful place for them.

Be sure to visit this unique place full of history, love and purpose, in this land they work hard and make the richest and noblest distillate.

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