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From Seed

At Finca 18, we have tens of thousnads of seeds germinated from 12 different agaves which include;

  1. Blue Weber

  2. Angustifolia

  3. Americana

  4. Cenizo

  5. Sierra Negra

  6. Americana

  7. Mexicano

  8. Barril

  9. Arroqueño

  10. Barril

  11. Cuishe

  12. Madre Cuishe

We are one of the only cultivators of blue weber agave from seed used to make Tequila in all of Jalisco.


We believe in the importance of growing agaves from seed creating more biodiversity, strongerg, and tasty plant. 

From Clones

In July of 2022, we planted 2,500 agave angustifolia on one hectacre of land at the southwest corner of the property.


Planting agaves from clones or "hijuelos" is an efficient way to cultivate more agave.  

Finca 18 Agave Field.png
Finca 18 Agave From Frams.png

From Farms

The agave at Finca 18 is very young and we will need to wait until 2028 at the earliest to havest. For this reason, our agave needs to be sourced from local farmers.

Our philosophy for buying agave is to purchase the closest agave possible no matter the variety. 

This helps boost the local economy, is more environmentally responsible, and reduces shipping costs. 

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