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Arroqueño Poblano Mezcal bottled by Finca 18

- Mezcal Certificado

- Arroqueño Maduro

- 55% ABV

- 750 ml

- Mezcalero Dagoberto Alba


Horno: Pozo

Molino: Máquina Herbadora

Fermentación: Tambos de Plástico

Destilación: Dobel en Alambique de Cobre


We are proud to present “Arroqueño Poblano”, the very first bottling by Finca 18. 


Arroqueño Poblano is dedicated to the mezcaleros we met on our mezcal tour of Pubela where we got to meet so many amazing people and taste delicious mezcal. 


In this presentation, we were blown away by Dagoberto Alba's expression of arroqueño which is a less common species of agave in Puebla. 


Dagaberto comes from a line of mezcaleros and carries on the tradition in his own distillery in the town of San Nicolas Huajuapan. 


What caught out attention in Puebla was the use of plastic barrels and a machine shredder. It seems as though many distillers in Puebla have focused in the what is important about the distilation process and made great efficiencies where it counts. 

Suggested Drinking Vessel:

Veladora or a wide-mouth shot glass.

Arroqueño Poblano Mezcal

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