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When I first arrived at Finca 18, one of the workers told me that they make a "vino tinto," red wine on the ranch. Wondering were the grape vines were here in Puerto Vallarta, I questioned him further. He pointed to the tree we were under and said that the grapes grew on that tree. He called it "uva de arbol" or grape of the tree. The next season we harvested about 100 kilos of grapes over a two week period which only gave us a yield of 43 bottles. These "grapes" apparently don't all ripen at the same time either so we had to shake the trees daily. The grape is very tart and a little sour, but after sugar is added and it is fermented it is actually very delicious. It kept us busy during the rainy season when we couldn't produce our own agave spirits and has actually become a popular purchase during our tours. People, I present to you "Vino de Campo" or Country Wine.
~ Greg Rutkowski



Molino: Canoa

Fermentación: Tambos de Plástico

This bottle tastes and acts like a sangria and is great for wine cocktails, punches, or chilled. 

Vino de Campo

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