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The Horno

To cook the agave piñas we invented a unique oven.

This nine ton horno can be changed from a firewood oven to a gas oven as needed. The depth of the oven can also be adjusted as well depening on how muh agave we want to cook at any given time.

The Mill

We use two diffrent style mills to mash the agaves after they have been cooked.

The hand method is implemented from a wooden canoa is hand carved from a fallen higuerra tree on the property.


The mechanical method is the classic tahona handcarved from quarry stone in Oaxaca. 

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The Fermentation

We use a variety of methods to ferment our agave spirits including;

  • 95L clay jars handmade in Atzompa, Oaxaca

  • 500L  / 1,000L wooden vats of oak and pine from Tequila, Jalisco

  • 2,500L concrete tank

The Distillation

There are two methods of distillation at our disposal.

The Filipino still is handcarved from a fallen higuerra tree on the property and has a copper condenser.

We also have the 170L copper alembique still which has a refrescadera allowing us to achieve two distillations in one run. 



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The Aging

Aging in tropical climates can be a bit of a challenge, however we have constructed a climate controlled room where we rest our agave spirits in glass and age in used burbon barrels. 

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