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Puerto Vallarta Tequila Tour Tasting & Master Class

Led by Certified Agave Spirits Master

Tour the beautiful Finca 18 distillery and taste the delicious agave spirits of Mexico like; Tequila, Mezcal, and  Raicilla.

Discover how Tequila used to be produced 400 years ago when it used to be called vino de mezcal de tequila.


You will about Mexican history, culture, and spirit making with our Puerto Vallarta Tequila Tours and Tastings.

A true command performance curated by our master distiller and in-house sommelier. 

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Agave Sommelier

Puerto Vallarta Tequila Tour

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Puerto Vallarta Tequila Tour and Tasting

Learn about the process of making Tequila and other agave spirits!


The Only Producer In Puerto Vallarta

We are the only distillery that actually produces our own agave distillates within the municipality of Puerto Vallarta. Don't be fooled by fake tequila distilleries trying to sell you white-labeled tequila. Here we produce agave spirits the way tequila was originally made 400 years ago. 


Taste, Smell, Touch, Hear, See

You will get an understanding and a whole new level of respect for tequila, raicilla, and mezcal. The experience is sensorial and will take you senses to new depths! You will get to enjoy the beautiful site, smell agave, and possibly even take part in parts of the process. 


Detailed Education

We provide a level of education that nobody else can provide in Puerto Vallarta. That is because we actually distill on the property and you can see the entire process in action from start to finish. We also have an onsite master sommelier to guide you through your tequila tasting. 


Only in Mexico

We bring you an experience that can only be found in Mexico. That means buying tequila, raicilla, and mezcal that is not available in the United States. Our tours give you an inside view of how the locals live. 

Puerto Vallarta Tequila Tour FAQ

How can I arrange transportation to the distillery for the tequila tour?

> We can provide you with a quote for our own in-house transportation service. You can also use an Uber or taxi, but make sure that you ask them to wait for you at the distillery as we are in a rural area and no taxis are available.

Can I bring children to the tequila tour?

> Yes, although it is discouraged due to the hot sun, uneven terrain, and of course serving of alcohol.


Do you have a certified tequila NOM?

> No. Although we are located within the denomination of origin for tequila, work with the blue weber agave, and use all of the same processes that a NOM certified tequila distillery would use, we do not produce NOM certified tequila. This is because we are extremely artisanal and our production capacity is a lot smaller than what it takes to get certified in tequila. We also work with many other kinds of agave other than the blue weber. As of right now, we are called agave spirits.

What spirits will I be tasting on the tequila tour?

> The on-site sommelier curates tastings different from tour to tour. All Mexican agave spirits including; tequila, mezcal, raicila, bacanora, sotol, tuxca, and pox could possibly be available to taste.

Can I bring pets?
> No. Pets are strictly prohibited on the property as they could be in danger do to other animals on the property. 

Puerto Vallarta Tequila Tour

Puerto Vallarta Tequila Tours Curated For You

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