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"El Camino Real" ~ When it comes to the spirits that we have created thus far at Finca 18, nothing has captured my imagination more than this distilled pulque. Which is fermented agave sap that is then twice distilled.


The ranch itself is situated on the old El Camino Real where silver used to be transported down from the mine in San Sebastian del Oeste to the port of Puerto Vallarta.


Through much research, I believe that distilled pulque could potentially predate the making of "vino de mezcal." Making it the father of distilled spirits in Mexico. Yet only few brands are still doing it today.


On top of that, it is a truly beautiful spirit. I tend to be my own worst critic when it comes to the spirits that we create. This one for me has the right amount of body and flavor and comes in at 50% abv, something you can't find anywhere from this style of spirit.


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