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MI COMPA by Finca 18

- Destilado de Agave

- Caponed Agave de 12 Años; Pencudo, Amarillo, y Verde

- Lote 001

- 138 Botellas en Lote

- 51% ABV

- Cosecha: 04/20/23

- 750 ml


Horno: Mampostería

Molino: Machete, Canoa, Tahona

Fermentación: Ollas de Barro, Barriles de Whisky Americano, Vats de Encino y Pino, Tanque de Concreto

Destilación: Dobel en Alambique de Cobre (Refrescadera)


We are proud to present “MI COMPA”, the very first distillation by Finca 18. 


MI COMPA is dedicated to our small team of compadres who carried out this month-long task from start to finish.


In this presentation we sourced mature agaves from a family nursery in Cabo Corrientes, a Raicilla producing region just outside of Puerto Vallarta. The largest agave arrived weighing in at 130 kilos from the pencudo variety.


After, we cut the agaves in halves and quarters then piled them in our brick oven where they cooked for 3 days at 110 degrees celsius over constant heat. 


Once the agaves were done cooking, we chopped them by machete as well as milled them in our canoa and tahona. Over a ten day period fermentation tanks of pine, oak, clay and cement were filled up and left to dry ferment for three days. After, water and a little bread yeast was added to the fermentation where it sat for 15 days starting at around 9 to 11 BRIX. 


Once the fermentation nearly reached 1 or 2 BRIX, the tepache was brought to our copper alambique still for the first distillation. Agave fibers were incorporated into the first distillation along with the fermented juice.


After all of the first distillation was collected, it was then distilled for a second time. Only the hearts of the distillation were used in the final presentation.

The alcohol by volume out of the still came in at 69%. It was then proofed down with filtered well water from the ranch to 51% where we thought it had the best flavor profile.


MI COMPA comes in a hand-blown glass bottle made from recycled glass by one of the oldest glass blowing families in Puebla, Mexico. 

Some have mentioned that a bottle of MI COMPA has tasting notes of pineapple with tajin, coffee, and chocolate. And we suggest that you see for yourself.

We hope you enjoy!

Suggested Drinking Vessel:

Veladora or a wide-mouth shot glass.

Suggest Cocktail Recipe: "MI COMPA Slap" by Papu of El Tasting Room

2 ounces of MI COMPA
12 small basil leaves (or 7 if they are large)
1 oz agave syrup
1 ounce of lime juice
3 slices of serrano

Muddle basil leaves and slices of serrano into a cocktail shaker. Add agave syrup, MI COMPA, and lime juice. Add ice, shake, and strain. 


SKU: 001
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